Europe’s country Latvia and Lithuania of most affordable travels.


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Europe’s  of most affordable travels… welcome to Latvia and Lithuania

The travelling portal included Lithuania and its capital Vilnius in a list of Europe’s most affordable travelling destinations, along with its neighbor Riga and such famous travelling spots as Prague and Budapest.

Riga. reports a list of European most attractive tourism places mostly for American travelers.

It’s a city Lonely Planet colorfully calls “eccentric and soulful,” and one that offers the best overall hotel prices in all of Europe.

According to’s Hotel Price Index.

Vilnius in Lithuania has an average per-night hotel price of $80, putting accommodations costs within reach of budget travelers.

Sweeten the pot with a favorable exchange rate, quirky attractions, and Europe’s largest baroque old town, and you’ve got an intriguing and affordable destination.

We found a few exceptions, but in general, airfare from the U.S. to Vilnius tends to be a bit more expensive than to bigger European airports.

However, since low-cost carriers, including Ryanair and Wizz Air, serve area airports, it’s worth doing some comparison shopping before resigning yourself to a higher fare.

In a country whose currency offers Americans an excellent exchange rate, Riga stands out as a city with plenty to offer even those on a tight budget.


Europe's’s Hotel Price Index rates Riga the second most affordable city in Europe for accommodations, with an average price of about $82 per night.

The city also scored top spots on Price of Travel’s European Backpacker Index for 2013 and European 3-Star Traveler Index.

Airfare to Riga tends to be more expensive than flights to other major European cities.

If you’re looking to save, you might consider booking a less expensive ticket to a city with connections to Riga via low-fare carriers such as Ryanair or easyJet.

When you’re pricing this out, however, be sure to factor in all the added fees (including steep baggage and check-in fees) you’ll incur by flying these low-cost carriers.

And note that you may have to change airports, since low-cost carriers tend to favor smaller airports, sometimes in inconvenient locations.

The challenges mentioned by SmarterTravel include only relatively expansive air fare for American guests; however, cheaper tickets can be bought via so-called budget companies.

Other cities on the list are as follows ( most affordable travelling ): Sofia, Berlin, Lisbon, Kiev, Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Krakow…

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