Exhibition for Animal Lovers to Easter Holidays.


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Exhibition for animal … Latvian Winner 2013, which will be held in Kipsala on 30 and 31 March.

Families with children and other interested parties are warmly welcome in Latvia (Kipsala), which will be filled with the most varied animal voices for two days.

Hundreds of cats and dogs of many various breeds and the widest range of zoo industry goods and services will be on display at one of the halls.

An international professional dog and cat exhibition, an extensive exposition of the most varied pets and exotic animals, an exciting programme of entertainment events, as well as an extensive exposition of the goods and services of the zoo industry.

All will be presented at the international pets and zoo industry exhibition Pet Expo

The second hall will display a wide variety of pets – prank hellions – ferrets, decorative pigeons, roosters and fowls, colourful parrots, curly, long-haired and hairless guinea pigs, hamsters, decorative mice and rats.

There will also be African pygmy hedgehogs, dormice, a green iguana, tigerpython, and other exotic pets. As for Easter, it will be possible to meet the residents of Rabbit Town – Easter bunnies, Fred the goat, Pete the rooster, and others.

Visitors will be able to watch dog competitions in speed, agility and obedience as well as various shows and demonstrations, including demonstrations of the Border Guard dogs detaining offenders and searching for explosives.

Children will have the opportunity to jump as much as they wish in inflatable attractions.Exhibition for animal

International exhibition of dogs – dogs of 242 breeds.
A possibility to see 242 (!) breeds of dogs in Kipsala will be provided to the visitors of the international dog show Latvian Winner 2013.

The total number of participants on both days of the exhibition will reach 2,000 dogs from 12 countries.

In addition to the popular varieties there will also be rare, little known Latvian or almost forgotten breeds of dog.

Only at the exhibition, will one be able to see the pending Latvian breeds – the exotic Prague rat catcher, porcelain beagle, Bourbonnais Pointing and other rarities.

The visitors of the show will not only be able to see the dogs, but also receive consultations from experienced experts on different dog breeds, because all 36 cynological clubs of the Latvian Cynological Federation will be represented at the exhibition.

Both days will close with a nomination of the best dog of the exhibition, and on Sunday evening the winner of the greatest dog title “Latvian Winner 2013” will be selected.

International cat show – great variety of shows
In the international cat exhibition “Latvian Winner 2013″organised by the Latvian Felinology Association Felimurs, you can take a look at approximately 400 large and small, long haired, short haired and hairless cats from near and far away countries.

Besides the very popular varieties, Kurilian Bobtail, Thai cats and other rarities will be shown.

Of special interest to visitors will be the World Champion show, where the best and most beautiful cats will be gathered. In K,i-psala, the shows with Scottish Straight, Maine Coon, “patterned” cats and Siamese cats will be demonstrated.

The title Royal Canine Latvian Winner 2013 will be awarded for the first time during the Exhibition, and all the cats of the exhibition will qualify for the competition.

The culmination of the cat show will be the final competition where visitors will see the best representatives of different breeds, who competed daily for the title of best cat.

Exhibition for animal

For the first time – canistherapy and educational lectures.
Canistherapy healing is performed by a specially selected, trained and certified dog. This therapy method is suitable for children with behaviour disorders, serious psychological trauma and cerebral palsy.

Children will be able to cuddle and play with these specially trained dogs. On 30 March at 13:00, a lecture on the possibilities of canistherapy will be held for no extra price.

On March 30 at 12:00, prospective as well as existing dog owners will be able to learn about Responsible Dog Keeping in Accordance with Animal Welfare Requirements.

Those who are interested in spending their free time actively and effectively with their four-legged friends, are welcome in the lecture on 31st March at 13.00, which will introduce dog sports and their possibilities in Latvia.

The International Exhibition of Pets and Zoo Industry “Pet Expo. Latvian Winner 2013” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1, in cooperation with the Latvian Cynological Federation (LKF). More: http://www.petekspo.lv

Place and Time:
Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, March 30 and 31, 10.00 – 18.00

Welcome in Latvia (Kipsala) … Exhibition for Animal.

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