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Facebook  for …

A website offering to hack into Facebook accounts for a fee is little more than a scam, a security website has warned.

The site which appears to be based in the Ukraine lures people in with the prospect of providing a password to any named account for 100 U.S. dollars.

But according to Pandalabs, the site is merely a way of making money through online criminality. Luis facebook_logoCorrons, technical director of Pandalabs, said,

“The system’s real purpose may be hacking Facebook accounts as they say, or profiting from those that want to try the service.

In any case, the Web page is very well designed. It is easy to contract the service and become, either the victim of an online fraud, or a cyber-criminal and accomplice in identity theft.”

Payments are asked to be made through Western Union.

“This is all about taking the money from users. And at the end, as the user wanted to hack an account, he won’t call the police,”

Currons said. The site may also be a type of phishing attack and designed to harvest personal information and payment details, Pandalabs said.

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