French feminists celebrate victory.

Feminists celebrate victory!

They will no longer have to deal with “mademoiselle”…  the word that has been irritating them for years. The French government ordered to strike the word out from official documents.

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It is quite possible that the word will eventually disappear from every-day speech of the French people. Spokespeople for feminist organizations are certain that this word is demeaning to women.

The legendary Coco Chanel, who was addressed as ‘mademoiselle’ throughout her life, rolls over in her grave.

The word will thus be removed from official documents and blanks. Word combinations “maiden name” and “married name” are supposed to disappear from documents as well.

According to French feminists, when a person sees ‘maiden name’ in a document, they subconsciously start thinking about the loss of virginity. Therefore, “maiden name” will be replaced with the neutral “name given at birth.”

“Married name” does not reflect the status of widows and divorcees, the feminists claim. “Used name” will be used instead.

What is the point of the controversy behind the word “mademoiselle?”

A year ago.

French feminists launched a large-scale campaign, nearly a war, against the word.

Catherine Deneuve, a well-known French actress, always preferred “mademoiselle” as a form of address. Iconic French couturier Coco Chanel preferred the same.

In France, people usually use this word to address young women and single ladies. Neither Deneuve nor Chanel has ever been married officially.

They had all rights to be addressed as “mademoiselle.” It is clear, though, that the matter is not about the single status alone. This word is pleasant to hear for every woman as she ages.

She may have three children and a husband of 20 years, but she would always be pleased to hear someone saying “mademoiselle” to her.

This word makes older women feel younger. “Madam” is much more serious at this point. Madam is madam. Madam’s life is predetermined for 100 years ahead.

All of that can be true if a woman is not a feminist, of course. A true feminist will never look younger than she actually is. She is certain that women tend to look younger to attract men’s attention.

Is there anything more humiliating than that for a true feminist?


French feminists… !

Gender, Economic, Social and Ecological Justice for Sustainable Development
A Feminist Declaration for Post 2015

As the United Nations decides on the future course of international development Post 2015, women of
all ages, identities, ethnicities, cultures and across sectors and regions, are mobilizing for gender.

Social, cultural, economic and ecological justice, sustainable development and inclusive peace.

We seek fundamental structural and transformational changes to the current neoliberal, extractivist and
exclusive development model.

That perpetuates inequalities of wealth, power and resources between.

Countries, within countries and between men and women. We challenge the current security paradigm
that increases investments in the military.  Industrial complex, which contributes to violent conHlict
between and within count….

Feminists, I’m curious though, what is the status of this event now?

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