Many Men Go for a Shorter Haircut.

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Let’s start with a simple question, you have  haircut?

Most of you will answer “Yes”.

Another question … do you want to keep your hair?

Most of you will answer “Yes”.

So it’s been established … most of you have hair and want to keep it.

There are reasons many men go for a shorter haircut…  shorter hair is easy to maintain, the styles are masculine, and short hair is appropriate for most any profession or lifestyle. Just because a style is short or bald, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

On line searches surrounding the topic of “bald men” exhibit a distinct pride and reverence for men who have no hair on their heads.

Unlike searches which include words like “hair loss”, “baldness pills”, or “hair replacement surgery” , people looking for bald men really know what

They want: bald men.

And what’s not to want?


There are many funny searches surrounding guys with no hair on top but lots of hair in other places, including, “bald men with beards”, “hairy chest muscle bald men”, and “hairy chested bald man.”

Other funny searches, presumably used by help lock-up a bald headed hottie for themselves include “hot bald men”, “bald gay men”, “attractive bald men”, and “bald chubby senior men.”

Many men are uncertain of what type of hairstyle to choose once they’re bald.

The truth is that just about any hairstyle is good for a bald man, provided it is not some form or veiled combover or attempt at compensation.

However, assuming you’re beyond that rubbish, bald men can attractively wear their hair long, curl it up, keep a close shave, or deal with a short clipping or a buzz cut.

So long as you’re bald and bold about it, just about any hairstyle will do…Haircut.

See here he is bald man:








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