The Games in Sochi 2014.


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Sochi 2014, venue of the XXII Winter Olympic Games from February 7 to 23, slogan…

Hot. Cool. Yours. Mascots the Leopard, the Hare and the Polar Bear.

Kicks off on Friday February 7 with a spectacular opening ceremony heralding two weeks of sport, although the snowboard and freestyle skiing events began Thursday.

Sochi stands to be an icon of development through sports, as Sochi green standards are applied throughout the Russian Federation, overseen by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation, implementing measures to guarantee environmental protection in infrastructures.

Cutting-edge buildings at Sochi using green technologies include the Adler Arena, the Bolshoi Ice Dome, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee’s office building, The IOC Hotel.

The RIOU training and administrative building, The Mountain Media Sub-Center, The Mountain Village Chalet, The Swissotel 5* Roza Khutor Resort in the Mountain Village and the «Olympic Park» Hub.

The modalities at Sochi will be the following: Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross-Country, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Luge, Nordic Combined, Short Track, Skeleton, Ski Jumping, Snowboard and Speed Skating.

The Sochi 2014 Games will not only rejuvenate the city of Sochi, but will also contribute to the economic, cultural and environmental development of the entire Krasnodar Region.

They will make it possible to create new standards in ecology, strategy and corporate governance. In other words, Sochi will become an example to other cities of Russia and the world.

The Games in Sochi will leave behind an invaluable legacy, whose benefits will be utilized by Russian citizens long after the Games themselves become history.

Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014



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