Glass Beach in the California, very interesting beach


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Glass Beach, very interesting beach!

Usually, people throwing trash affects on the environment negatively.

Mountains of garbage are useless, besides they spoil not only the air, soil and water, but also cause damage to the aesthetic natural beauty.

However, rarely, but still there are exceptions when garbage creates beauty.

There is an interesting place …

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California, USA.

This place is amazing with its unusual beach.  In the first half of XX century there was a dump on the territory of the beach.

In the 60s the dump was closed, and since then garbage was left to itself. The mountains of broken glass.  Plastic and other garbage was left on the shore under the hot California sun, washed by the waves.

In the end, in 80s there was nothing left from the dump.  Everything that was left was a beach covered with beautiful shining glass.

Glass Beach6
Glass Beach
Glass Beach2
Glass Beach3
Glass Beach4
Glass Beach5


It is illegal to remove any glass from Beach.

This is a great place to take kids who can explore around but watch them near the water which can be dangerous.

There is a wide path to the beach from the parking area on Glass Beach Road a couple blocks west of Highway 1 down West Elm Street.

There are more trails on the bluff to hike north up to Pudding Creek Beach where a paved multi-use trail crosses over an old train trestle.

Trails also go south from the Glass Beach entry path to other glassy beaches that are outside of the state park boundary.

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