Happy Valentines Day, All you need is love


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Valentines Day … My truelove hath my heart!

I love thee – I love thee!
‘Tis all that I can say;
It is my vision in the night,
My dreaming in the day;
The very echo of my heart,

The blessing when I pray:
I love thee – I love thee!
Is all that I can say.

Did you know that nearly 150 million cards are exchanged each Valentine’s Day?

Or that more than 40,000 American are employed at chocolate companies? Explore these and dozens more Valentine’s Day facts about cards, chocolate, flowers and candy, the hallmarks of St. Valentine’s Day.

Looking for Love

141 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second-most popular greeting-card-giving occasion. (This total excludes packaged kids valentines for classroom exchanges.) (Source: Hallmark research)

Over 50 percent of all Valentine’s Day cards are purchased in the six days prior to the observance, making Valentine’s Day a procrastinator’s delight. (Source: Hallmark research)

Research reveals that more than half of the U.S. population celebrates Valentine’s Day by purchasing a greeting card. (Source: Hallmark research)

All you need is love.
Just be happy and love each other!



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2 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day, All you need is love

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    You won’t get disappointed when things don’t turn out…Let’s face it, V-day is usually a bust.

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    Ha, Ha LOL! You can buy your favorite candy on sale later for half the price…Plus you can get exactly what you want!

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