Hello and Welcome to My Totally Awesome Store!


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Totally Awesome Store

Its time when everybody start to think about something special for that someone they love!

Its so hard to find something original , something different and something just for you or your special person.

That is why you have me,my creations and new ideas comming in to life every single day!

This time i would love to forward your attention to my new felted scarves.

They are made from really soft silk and finest quality merino wool,in some scarves there is some silk addition as well.

Totally Awesome Store

Linen scarves

Totally Awesome Store

I’m so happy about the fact , that my childs feet wouldn’t sweat any more,that i found solution for that with all natural slippers.

I made them from 100% merino wool + water + soap = natural, warm and healty footwear for me , my children and for You all!

You should know the fact that merino wool is heat regulating and antibacterial wool, that is why your feet wouldn’t sweat and will be comfy and dry all the time!

felt slipper 1

felt slipper

Totally Awesome Store

felted booties 6

felted booties 4

felted booties 2

Yes, soap in a coat 😉

Colurful and practical gift for any occasion.

Soap works really well as scrub or sponge,from the inside soap and outside scrub/sponge.

Next good thing,soap lasts for longer time! So colourful and attractive way to embellish soap!

felted booties 8DSC09437NYXDSC00139DSC00145DSC00147P1040602P1040622DSC0002220121102_091129DSC00291DSC09401aP1040917

Hello and Welcome to My Totally Awesome Store !4

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