I live in Latvia – unfit prime minister.

In Latvia the prime minister of Godmanis is old drummer. He – disc jockey (DJ). He is not prime minister. He talk very quickly and not very clearly.
During this time the words “crisis” and “Godmanis” have become synonyms. The prime minister has become an embodiment of the whole government, taking responsibility even for the issues that are supposed to be solved by ministers, who have comfortably taken their seats behind him. The more responsibility Godmanis takes, the more questions arise about the correctness of his decisions and suitability for the prime minister’s post. His rating keeps falling as the number of unpopular and, some may say, unconsidered and chaotic decisions increase. Even though Godmanis talks to journalists on an everyday basis, it is hard to find an explanation for the government’s action in his words. It is heightened by his sudden surges of unwillingness to communicate with the press. The State President’s Chancellery has also felt this communication problem. The government leader’s opinions are changing so rapidly that it is sometimes hard to get the most up-to-date information. Changing his opinion is one of the clearest characteristics of Godmanis’s premiership. The state-owned shares of Lattelecom [telecommunications company] can be mentioned as an example: at first Godmanis announced that they had to be sold, then he wanted to keep them as state property, and a little later – to sell a part of them. The deal did not take place. A similar thing happened recently with the government agreements, when the prime minister’s position changed within a day. He is DJ.

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Godmanis and rock


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