Iraq about misconduct of the American army (video)

The Iraqi government criticized the mass of documents released late Friday about abuse of detainees by Iraqi security forces as politically motivated.

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A statement released by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s office said that the way WikiLeaks website released the documents and the timing raise questions about whether it was motivated by politics.

The documents could not give any evidence about maltreatment against detainees during the four years that Maliki has been heading the Iraqi government, the statement said.

“We confirm that the prime minister is the commander in chief of all security forces, which are carrying out their duties to arrest or punish when ordered by the judiciary, and not on sectarian or partisan bases as some parties are trying to say,” the statement said.

It also said that Iraqi government will take into consideration what the documents showed about the misconduct of the American army and foreign security firms against Iraqis.

“The Iraqi government will seek justice for its citizens who were victims of any abuse, whether for those (citizens) who filed lawsuits or those who did not,” the statement said.

Some of the nearly 400,000 WikiLeaks documents were detailed reports by the U.S. military about alleged torture and brutality by Shiite-dominated security forces, mostly against Sunni prisoners, many of whom supported the cross-sectarian political bloc of Iraqia, headed by former prime minister Ayad Allawi.

Maliki is fighting for another term for the premier post and is facing bitter resistance from his rival Ayad Allawi, who gained narrow win with two seats in the country’s March 7 parliamentary elections.

The documents also described variety of incidents at the U.S. war of Iraq
, such as shootings at military checkpoints and savage acts committed against prisoners using boiling water, metal rods and electric shocks.

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