It might be your first step towards happiness.


Women spend a lot of time at the mirror despite the proverbial wisdom – it’s not beauty that makes you happy. Most women are convinced that if they were more attractive.

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Their lives would be different and it would be easier to get a man of their dream. However, polls suggest that their dream objects are not that picky.

Outfits may be left unnoticed.

It appears that there is no point in spending all of your savings on a couture dress.

Men have no intention to study the labels they can’t see anyway. And if they do see a label on the inside of your clothes after a wild sex, at that point it will be irrelevant.
In a regular environment – in the street, in a club or an office.

He will most likely pay attention to the clothes that leave something to imagination rather than reveal everything.

Soft streaming fabrics are perfect for teasing.

They will make him think of your silhouette and your soft skin concealed by the dress.

Remember that men should be reminded of your curves – make sure you emphasize your waist and open your shoulders.

Shoes must have heels.

It’s obvious that a pair of shoes made of crystal won’t make you Cinderella and won’t guarantee you a prince.

However, you have to be always prepared to meet him – and you have to wear heels.

Poll results show that men gave an A to open-toe shoes with high heels and round nose. They gave a B to open-heel clogs and a C to comfortable pumps. Wedges got a D .

Men are conservative about hair.

When it comes to hair styles, men are lesser experts that you would expect. They don’t seem to have preferences and are equally happy with both short and long hair – as long as it has an allure.

For example, classic (long and sleek) hair is considered boring, while medium length hair or updos revealing your neck are considered attractive.

Curls at your temples will make you irresistible. Remember that extreme colors – red and blue – will not attract men despite of brightness. You’ll be better off with colors close to your natural since men are pretty conservative in this respect.

Minimum makeup.

Men think that the best makeup is invisible. The more natural, the better. Too much eye-shadow, mascara and rouge can be repulsive.

Men have a special opinion on lips. They mistake “wet” lips for greasy, purple – for dead, and bright red – for a lack of taste.

Your jewelry must be teasing.

Men are not original here either. Even our jewelry has to be flirtatious. They prefer necklaces with small pendants that fall in that small dimple on your neck or your cleavage.

Bracelets must emphasize slim wrists. Men find big earrings and massive pendants irritating. They are not crazy about piercing either.

Smile your way to happiness.


Smile is your best accessory. You should smile regardless of your mood or weather.

Lifeless, aggressive and indifferent faces do not provoke interest, while happy faces draw attention like a magnet.

So if you want to give someone your attention – just smile. Who knows, it might be your first step towards happiness.

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