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Jason Statham…

an English actor and martial artist, known for his roles in many action films, recently got an invitation from Gazpromneft, an oil arm of the giant Gazprom to appear in a clip promoting a new company’s brand, machine oil G-Energy.

Statham played roles in the Guy Ritchie crime films “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, “Revolver”, in the American films “The Italian Job”, “The Transporter”, “Crank”, “The Bank Job”, “War” and one of the characters in the current Moscow’s hit “The Expendables”.

Film producer Alexander Izotov thinks that engaging such a big star as Jason Statham for advertising is a good thing to do.


“I think that it is to a degree a revolutionary and a very good creativity move for Russia,” Alexander Izotov said.

“As for Gazpromneft, its a huge company, and having a clip like this one would help it operate more successfully both here in Russia and abroad. I think that our companies – large or small-sized – should pay more attention to this market segment.

Hollywood stars are celebrities for all the world, and what they say counts,” said Film producer Alexander Izotov.

Of course, selecting a media personality is based on both his or hers popularity and their closeness to the consumers of a product advertised.

This clip was a bulls eye hit, because men who buy oil for their cars are top drivers in the full sense of this word.

They like machos who really know how to drive and rush their cars. So this ad’s audience has been identified precisely. They would associate car oil with high speeds and adrenaline levels.

According to Lifenews.ru, Statham earned a hundred thousand euros for two days of shootings in Moscow and the Czech Republic.

And that’s not beating any records, because an actor like Statham could have earned more, said Alexander Izotov.

“I can say that foreign stars working in Russia ask for royalties that are quite compatible with what Russian actors demand.

Sometimes they ask less than that, so offering them small-time jobs here will continue to attract Russian businessmen,” said Alexander Izotov.

Experts here are confident that Stathams name will help Gazpromneft to earn much more than what they spent on this ad.

Other stars appearing in ads of Russian-made goods earned much more.

For example, Gerard Depardieu, who got 250,000 dollars for eating his hat in an ad. In 2008, ad agency BBDO Moscow invited the famous footballer Ronaldinho to appear in an ad of Lay’s chips for the Russian media.

300,000 dollars. And last year Sylvester Stallone earned 1 million dollars for acting in the advertising campaign of vodka “Russian Ice.”

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