Lantern Festival In Taiwan.


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Taiwan Lantern Festival kicked off yesterday for a 14-day run in Lukang Township in the central county of Changhua.

As 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, the design of the main theme lantern is “Soaring Dragon in Radiant Skies,” which is embodied through the imagery of a dragon soaring across the world, the glory of creation, abounding auspicious clouds, and embracing virtue.

The design is also rooted in traditional culture and folk customs, combining art, technology, and fashion to symbolize the nation soaring high through its centennial year during the Lantern Festival.

Sponsored by the Chunghwa Telecom Corp., the main theme lantern is 20 meters high and made up of hundreds of thousands of LED lights.

There are also four secondary theme lanterns, created by traditional lighting designers and bearing the themes of Heavenly Holy Mother (Matsu).

Brilliant Deer, Leaping the Dragon Gate, and Bisi Bearing Fortune, which are also quite popular with visitors.





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