Latvia … Independence proclamation day.

Today Latvia gets 93 years old. 18th November is our Independence proclamation day – it happened in 1918. Two most important things I wish to Latvia today – united, harmonious society (but based on Latvian language and values, as it’s Latvia here after all) and economical prosperity (including social equality).

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We are able to reach both of them!

Independence proclamation day off  come  festival of light “Staro Ri-ga”(Beaming Riga). This is a several-day exhibition of outdoor installations, used to transform Riga’s panorama using modern light and video technology.

The festival is continuously growing: the first year featured 27 artworks, but last year saw 75 large-scale installations on display.

This year the festival will present around a hundred outdoor installations using any type of city object – buildings, squares, bridges, streets, monuments, and others. The play of light makes the autumn drabness disappear, and opens up a completely different view of the city.

On the bill are competitions, permanent and temporary installations, outdoor advertising billboards, an international programme and more. Each of them will present the author’s story about the city: emotional, passionless, instructive, humorous, bizarre, interesting, provocative, etc.

Beaming Riga6

Beaming Riga3

Beaming Riga11

Beaming Riga5

Beaming Riga4

Beaming Riga 1

Beaming Riga2

Beaming Riga7

Beaming Riga8

Beaming Riga10

Beaming Riga9

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