Let’s Celebrate Līgo Festivities in Latvia


Līgo Festivities forever!

Līgo festivities – the shortest night of the year, celebrating nature and fertility.

Bonefires, beer and cheese, crowns of flowers and songs are also part of Līgo.

No need to travel to Latvia’s countryside to meet the break of dawn, a major event will be held in the centre of Rīga – on the Daugava’s right embankment.

The embankment will have everything that is necessary to celebrate Līgo – the tastiest of foods, the knowingest of folk songs, favourite artists and responsive people, ready to succumb to the magic of Līgo night.

There will be games, various Latvian rituals, dances, songs, cheese and beer. It will also be possible to find out.

Wwhere it is best to search for the fern blossom, savour frothy beer, cheese as yellow as the sun, and sweet-scented bacon buns.Līgo Festivities


Here you will see the very best of the Līgo!


Tasty food, masters of Latvian traditional folk song, famous artists, and just the nice crowd, who want to enjoy at full the magic of this special night.

The festivities will take place on the right bank of the river in the evening of 23 June and will go on until dawn.

You will have an opportunity to play traditional games and learn more about the rituals, for example, jumping over bonfire, dancing and singing all night long.

Making of cheese, beer brewing and learning how to find the legendary fern blossom are also on the programme.

As usual, beer, caraway cheese and bacon-filled pies will be offered to all those attending the festivities.

Folklore groups and ensembles will be explaining Latvian traditions; pop musicians will be performing their wide selection of songs — from rock to schlager.

The Līgo! night is usually rainy, according to the tradition, but do not worry: all those celebrating at the Daugava River are welcome to take shelter in cosy tents.

Let's Celebrate Līgo Festivities in Latvia

Let's Celebrate Līgo Festivities in Latvia

Let's Celebrate Līgo Festivities in Latvia

Let's Celebrate Līgo Festivities in Latvia


11th November Embankment, 20:00 – 04:30, 23.06.2016




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