Loneliest Hotel In Germany.


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Beautiful Pictures Of Roter Sand Lighthouse In Germany.

Described by some as the “loneliest hotel in Germany,” the Roter Sand lighthouse, some 30 miles off the coast of Bremerhaven, Lower Saxony, has been welcoming guests for over 10 years.

But the lighthouse itself is 125 years old.

The Roter Sand was built in 1885, and was considered a technical marvel at that time as it was the first ever structure built on the sea floor at a depth of 22 metres.

For almost 80 years the red, white and black lighthouse was the first thing sailors saw on their way into the port city.

The last thing millions of emigrants saw before their ships reached the North Sea on their journey to the New World.

But by 1964 its steel foundations became unstable and the lighthouse was decommissioned.  However, the lighthouse was restored and in 1999 and waited for the first guests…



Roter sand1

Roter sand3

Roter sand4

Roter sand5

Roter sand6

Roter sand7

Roter sand8

Roter sand9

Roter sand11

Roter sand2


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