Masturbation helps men to have versatility, wow


Sexologists recommend, WOW! Masturbation to relax, and be faithful in real life. If you are still in the dark and pretend to have no idea where to put a condom, do not read any further!

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Otherwise, you’ll blush and your moral values will be shattered.

Although you probably read in the Biblical Book of Genesis a story of Onan who had sex with the wife of his diseased brother but performed coitus interruptus each time, spilling his “seed” on the ground.

Masturbation,  story says that this displeased God.

For some reason, this story is often mentioned by priests as an example of God’s punishment for those who masturbate. However, the story only describes coitus interruptus used by many couples, and not masturbation that we will be talking about.

Majority of doctors believe that a lion share of all our issues is caused by the fact that we do not know our own bodies well.

Marriages collapse because spouses are not satisfied with their sexual lives. Men cheat on their wives because the wives enjoy TV more than sex.Masturbation

Michael Perry, a London sexologist, thinks that people first of all have to know their own bodies, sensations and desires.

Contemporary sex education specialists believe that self satisfaction is healthy, normal, and useful experience.

Bernie Zilbergeld, the author of The New Male Sexuality, said that masturbation was a form of relaxation.

It is not physically harmful, no matter how frequently it is practiced. Some women have extremely negative reaction towards self satisfaction. Avodah Offit, a writer and psychiatrist.

Masturbation, author of Virtual Love, described the following situation in her book.

Once she received a late night call. A woman was calling to complain that her husband was having a fit of raving madness.

As it turned out, she woke up in the middle of the night to see that her husband was self satisfaction. The lady was so naive that she thought her husband was doing it in his sleep.

Many women cannot understand that sex can take other forms other than regular sex with a partner. Masturbation, however, is not a replacement for that. Some couples think that mutual masturbation or looking at the masturbating partner can be a pleasant experience.

The difference between coitus and masturbation is physiological. Glands that release pre-ejaculatory secretion during foreplay are not used during masturbation.

Different sets of nerve endings are involved during these two acts, which affects the nature and quality of an orgasm. Michael Perelman, a sexologist, believes that women who claim masturbation to be a “mental adultery” underrate the importance of this exercise in keeping their marriages monogamous.

Masturbation helps men to have versatility.

Men relax, and be faithful in real life. Women who do not mind “mental adultery” are most likely happier in their marriages.

Sexologists also recommend masturbation to those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Some specialists suggest that self satisfaction  that does not result in an orgasm an hour before coitus causes a stronger and longer erection. Self satisfaction is also believed to improve reproductive function.

Self satisfaction is a chance of a stronger orgasm. Masturbation is most frequently practiced at the age of 25-50 years old.

Married people self satisfaction less frequently, and it is especially true for married men. Frequency of self satisfaction varies from once or twice a year to once or twice a day.

Arguments “pro”!

– You will not hear “I’m too tired.”
– You can masturbate whenever and wherever you want.
– STDs are not an issue.
– No one knows you better than you know yourself.
– No side effects!

Women can use the following tools: cucumbers, bananas, carrots (a condom should be used to prevent infection). Used mascara applicators, plastic toys, shower heads, electric toothbrushes, deodorant containers, and, naturally, hands.

Fact, 17.8% of women who participated in a poll think that there is nothing wrong in studying their own bodies and satisfying themselves.

Men think that masturbation is natural, especially when it helps release stress.

All The Best!


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