Mel Gibson attacked Gajevskis.

Gibson1Mel Gibson won’t face any battery charges after his attack on a fan yesterday at Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles.

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As Hollyscoop reported exclusively, Mel and his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva were partying at the VIP section of Playhouse when a pusher reporter tried to snap a photo of them.

Security escorted the reporter out and deleted the photos from her camera. The reporter sent her friend Karlis Gajevskis back in with her camera and asked him to take the photo instead, which is when Mel and his security team got hostile.Karlis3

Mel stepped in and attacked Gajevskis because he was fed up with everyone trying to snap a photo of him partying. The partygoer ended up with a torn shirt and quickly left to press charges against the actor.

Eyewitnesses tell Hollyscoop that Mel Gibson was really respectful to the media and when he was asked for the photo originally, he politely refused. But the reporter and her friend were really pushy, even pretending to be apart of the VIP table in order to snap a photo.

The house photographer even asked for a photo of Mel, but Mel politely refused him as well.

Sources tell TMZ that cops don’t expect to press charges against Mel and that it will be a civil matter at best, and they don’t expect to even interview Gibson.

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