When a man chooses hobby.


When a man chooses a hobby, he tries to find an activity that would help him bolster his self-esteem and relax. It is an open secret that a man is just a grown-up kid.

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Little girls play dolls in their childhood, while boys play toy cars. As girls grow up, they get married and have children, who become a substitute for childish games.

As for boys, they keep on playing toy cars even when they grow into serious adult men.

As a rule, a hobby for women is just a part of her daily routine, the goal of which is to make her family lead a pleasant lifestyle in a nice house.

Such hobbies can be: drawing, sewing, gardening, knitting, making flower arrangements, studying foreign languages, etc.



Unlike women, men do not have too many family obligations, which gives them an opportunity to look for toys somewhere else, outside their families.

The technical kind of toys is the most popular one of them. Many men are addicted to buying more and more new gadgets. Men can spend hours discussing advantages and disadvantages of cars, computers, cell phones, cameras, video games, etc. hobby

Men always compare their toys in an attempt to find out whose toy is better.

The modern industry offers a variety of remote controlled models of vessels, submarines, racing cars, planes and helicopters.

All those toys are not made for children, they are made for adult men. The prices for some of such models can reach hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

There is a great deal of hobby-oriented discussion boards on the Internet. Some men may even develop a new profession on the base of their hobbies.

Psychologists say that many people, presumably males, may develop a new addiction, which is typical for the modern world – they become addicted to gadgets.

This painful passion for technical novelties can become the reason for a whole bouquet of problems. A gadget maniac can spend a lot of money to satisfy the need of buying something new.

They can spend all their wages and all their bank loans to purchase a latest computer model and other devices even if they do not need them much.
Such people can be surrounded with amazing equipment, but they have to live from hand to mouth and economize on food.



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    god ure kinda close minded.. “Girls play with dolls, while Boys play with cars”.. For your information MANY little boys play with dolls. I played with dolls when i was a little kid. and my siste actually played with military cars… …. soo

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