Mini netbook from Nokia.

Nokia mini netbookFinnish mobile phone giant Nokia says it is moving into the personal computing market with the launch of a .

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The Nokia Booklet 3G is to be formally launched at the Nokia World event in Stuttgart, Germany, on September 2.

“A growing number of people want the computing power of a PC with full benefits of mobility,” Kai Oistamo, the head of Nokia’s devices arm, said in a statement on Monday.

With a Windows operating system and Intel’s Atom processor, Nokia’s Booklet 3G pledges 12 hours of battery life and weighs 1.25 kilograms.

Its features include an aluminium chassis, 3G/ HSPA and Wi-Fi connection access, an HDMI port for HD video out, a front facing camera for video calling, integrated Bluetooth and an SD card reader, as well as integrated GPS.

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