Music Philosophy… created by designer Mico.


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These posters are part of a project called ,Music Philosophy,  created by designer Mico.

He combines the most known lyrics of famous songs and put them together with graphics.

Add to it the visual treat of superb art direction, and you’ve got a powerhouse of cerebral-creative indulgence.

That’s exactly what UK-based designer Mico Toledo does in his wonderful Music Philosophy project, bringing together three of our favorite things … music, philosophy and typography… in weekly typographic renditions of famously profound song quotes.

From Judy Garland to Jay Z, by way of Lennon and Dylan, the project captures in the minimalism of lyrical candor what ancient philosophers did in voluminous tomes … the timeless human quests for love, happiness and the meaning of life.

And, okay, rock’n’roll.

You can even download them as wallpaper for you iPhone.

Music Philosophy

Music Philosophy

The link to his website …

Unfortunately the project is now over so we’ve no longer receiving song quote suggestions and doing posters.
But we’re still working for commissions for a few selected clients, so if you have an idea just get in touch.

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