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Celebrated throughout Latvia, Ligo Diena is the annual celebration of the Summer Solstice which marks the longest day of the year .

It is an ancient practice which dates back to pre-Christian times and has many rituals that are closely associated with nature and the hope for a good harvest in the autumn.

It is a time to be with friends, family and loved ones and is usually celebrated with a big meal during the day before heading out to one of the many public parties which involve traditional dances and more eating, drinking and singing.

Bonfires are also lit which is a ritual that links back to the old tradition of cleansing and warding off evil spirits. The day is a national holiday in Latvia, which is known as Janis.


Ja-n,i is an ancient festival originally celebrated in honour a Latvian pagan deity Ja-nis (also spelt Yahnis), referred to as a “Son of God” in some ancient Latvian folksongs.

Janis is also traditionally the most common of Latvian male given names, corresponding to English name John, and everybody of the name Ja-nis holds a special status on this day (Ja-n,i is a plural form of Ja-nis).
Besides John, the name of Ja-nis is also etymologically linked with other names of various nations, such as Aeneas, Dionysus, Jesus, Joshua, Jonash, Jan, Jean, Johan,…

Ja-n,i also is thought to be the perfect time to gather herbs, because it is believed that they then have magical powers. Other practices of magic in Ja-n,i vary from fortune-telling to ensuring productivity of crops, as well as livestock fertility.

A well-known part of this celebration is searching for the mythical fern flower, though some suggest that the fern flower is a symbol of secret knowledge; today it is almost always synonymous with having sexual relationships.

Despite common belief, no remarkable increase in birthrates is observed nine months later 🙂



Look here video to Janis day and Ligo songs..





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One thought on “MY day, throughout Latvia – Ligo Diena

  • at

    Meadow Day in the atmosphere of Līgo
    on the 16
    of June!

    16:00 opening of the event in the Fairy Tale Museum of Džūkste, creative
    workshops; till 17:00 possibility to visit the museum expositions (for donations)
    17:00 guided excursion to the nearby meadows, gathering of herbs for teas
    and wreaths 19:00 return to the museum, tea brewing on camp fire, wreath weaving and learning songs of Līgo together with the local folk group
    20:30 listening to the corncrakes in Dunduri meadows

    All the activities are held in Latvian, free of charge, no prior registration
    Additional info : + 371 26332786
    Getting there by public transport from Ķemeri, Jūrmala, Riga, Tukums:
    Bus from Tukums bus station to Lancenieki – 15:50
    (train from Riga at 14:17, arrival in Tukums at 15:34)
    Buses from Lancenieki to Tukums
    18:46 (in Tukums at 19:15) -19:34 train to Riga
    19:39 (in Tukums at 20:08) – 20:57 train to Riga
    See you there!

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