Noises In Photo.


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Noises In Photo! The range of ISO and real sensitivity. What are these figures?

Without going into the theory is that the – with the same lighting and lens lights, if a digital camera with ISO400 make your excerpt 1 / 100 seconds, digital camera with ISO100-only 1 / 25 seconds, the frame can turn out not sharp.

Than it is more ISO – that endurances proportionally are shorter and on the contrary at identical sharp endurance it is possible to photograph in greater darkness


In any specifications necessarily specify the sensitivity of light – ISO, the normal range for digital cameras can be front, minimum value of 100 (50, 80, 100, seldom-160 and 200) and the top is usually between 400 and 1600.

The specific feature of the digital camera compared with film is the ability to switch ISO at the time of surveying, it is for this reason that in the specifications indicate no one, and range.

So why not take time to the maximum ISO? The fact that the growth of ISO is to increase signal matrix, there was a notable increase noises.

As a result, you can enter them in any specification ISO is a matter only for the noise which is unacceptably high.

Here is the comparable noise machines with a variety of matrix reach with different ISO, images with ISO150 digital camera c 2 / 3 ”

-matrix look like images with ISO50 digital camera with 1 / 3 ,2″, ie the larger matrix, the higher the ISO (and therefore short excerpts) can be set without fear of big noise.


And a higher ISO setting in cells with small matrices is not the same as a real opportunity to restore their use.

The simple-digit ISO specifications just ignored they did not really mean making any comparison possible.

Real sensitivity to the size of the matrix…

(the small disorder because of different intelligence of the built in suppressors of noise is possible, however they too do not solve a problem …

– cleaning noise they can add handicapes or do not sharp details).



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