Old Town Riga called, Tourist Infoline. (photos)


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A new project is to be introduced in Old Town Riga called,Tourist Infoline (“Turistu infolinija”), which will offer telephone excursions for tourists.

The project will offer telephone tours around Old Riga in 16 languages, and tourist infoline points have been set up at significant tourist objects displaying the telephone number where 13 stories about Old Town Riga can be heard.

Now anyone can get information about famous architectural monuments, historical events, and the legends of our city while walking around freely, just for the price of a mobile phone call.

This new project will make it much easier for foreign visitors to get to know Riga.

The project will be developed by Riga City Council in cooperation with private investors.

Dear friends! We invite you to take a virtual tour of the historical centre of Latvian capital Riga, whilst sat in front of your computer.

Internet and phone is all that you need to be a virtual tourist in Riga. Open the virtual tour and call (+371) 27772888 to listen to one of the 13 three minute stories in your native language.

This is NOT a chargeable number. You pay only for a call to Latvian mobile number!

Tourist Infoline is a unique tourism solution having no equivalent in the world and consisting of three integrated products.



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