Oscar Ramos, Piensa Positivo and his Character manipulation

Oscar Ramos.

He is an Illustrator based in Santiago, Chile. He specializes in Photo Manipulation and Character Design. With his latest work, this artist merges one picture into another very skillfully. You can be sure that an ordinary shoe can turn into a paradise Island at the bottom.

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Oscar Ramos is nicknamed “Piensa Positivo”.

His works are inspired by Maurits Cornelis Escher a Dutch artist who was also known for his mind bending graphics work. Escher on steroids… this is how some commenters describe the illustrations by Oscar Ramos.

In his latest project.  Chilean artist shows that it’s possible to merge two completely different things with such smooth transition. That you hardly notice how a baggy Converse turns into a paradise island in the same picture.

Also known by his nickname Piensa Positivo (“think positive” in Spanish), Oscar specializes in character design and photo manipulation.

The creator of these mind-bending illustrations says his inspiration came from Maurits Cornelis Escher, a Dutch graphic artist, who classic perspective-defying works are known worldwide. Be sure to check out Oscar’s website for more!

View his work.

Oscar Ramos

Initiated by the First Lady of Chile.

Cecilia Morel Montes, the ‘Choose Healthy Living’ program was designed to raise awareness of healthy living practices in order to reduce risk factors associated with chronic noncommunicable diseases.

Illustrated by Oscar Ramos of Santiago, Chile for the agency Lowe Porta whose client is none other than the government of Chile.

Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos (12)
Oscar Ramos (13)
Oscar Ramos (15)
Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos (1)
Oscar Ramos (4)

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