Port Business in Latvia for Sale

A unique object — port business in the port of Riga — has been listed for sale. In includes a jetty, an administrative building, workshops, a warehouse and other constructions. Those interested in purchasing this object can contact the law office INLAT PLUS.

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The building is attached to the plot of land owned by the Management of the port of Riga. A total area of the plot of land is 26 965 m2, out of which 17 882 m2 is for rent. Rent agreement is valid till 21st October  2028. There is a jetty on the territory, its length is 129 m, depth is 6 m.

The property consists of a three-storey administrative building of a stone/concrete structure dated 1975, it is blocked by a 1-2 storey workshop, a warehouse and a domestic building; 1-storey stone garage is blocked by a warehouse and 3 sheds made of metalware. The majority of the territory is covered with concrete and asphalt surfacing. The territory is separated from the neighboring plot of land by a concrete panel. There is an automatic rising barrier. There is electric power supply, sewerage, telephone network. Water supply is local (artesian well), heating is local (liquid fuel). The territory is guarded.

The property includes:

1. An administrative building with a part of mechanic warehouses

1. An administrative building with a part of mechanic warehouses

In 1997-2002 a basic repair of the building was performed: all engineering services and sanitary technical equipment have been replaced, as well as the roof (including winterization of coverings), a frontage repair has been performed, a self-contained heating has been installed, double-glazed windows have been set, and premises on the 1st and 3rd floor have been fully repaired. At the moment of evaluation premises on the 2nd floor have not been repaired.

Technical condition of the main constructive elements is good. It is necessary to perform a repair of the premises on the 2nd floor.

1st floor, 187,2 m2, including: premises of common use and technical premises 75,6 m2, domestic premises 42,5 m2, office premises 69,1 m2.

2nd floor, 179,4 m2, including: premises of common use 73,9 m2, office premises 105,5 m2.

3rd floor, 181,6 m2, including: premises of common use 50,7 m2, office premises 130,9 m2.

2. A Part of Workshops

2. A Part of Workshops

A 1-2 storey building containing workshops and warehouse premises was built in 1975. In 2000 a partial repair was performed.

1st floor, 723 m2, including: workshops and warehouse premises, domestic premises 52,8 m2.

2nd floor 313,8 m2, including: a hall 25,9 m2, warehouse premises 287,9 m2.

3. Garages

A 1-storey building containing the garage and workshops was built in 1975. Technical condition of the main constructive elements is satisfactory.

4. Sheds

A 1-storey building with a metal frame was built in 1975.

5. A Warehouse

6. Roads, platforms, engineering services, fencing

6. Roads, platforms, engineering services, fencing

At the moment the property is being used as warehouse premises and workshops, as well as management premises. Platforms and the jetty are used for unloading and further loading of timber to vessels.

The object is situated in the northern part of Riga in the area of industrial development. Distance from the centre is 9 km. The nearest railway station is at a distance of approximately 1 km.

From the commercial point of view the location of the property is considered advantageous.

Out of the total area 17 882 m2 buildings occupy 2085,5 m2, platforms with a concrete surfacing occupy 3336 m2 and platforms with asphalt surfacing occupy 8202 m2. Surface of the plot of land is flat.

Please contact the law office INLAT PLUS regarding the purchase of the object:

Latvia, Riga, Brivibas St. 40-15

Phone: (+371) 7505970,

Fax: (+371) 7505978

Mob. phone: (+371) 26403577

e-mail: ip@inlatplus.lv

latvijas ostas

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