Rammstein is suspected of sexual abuse, an unpleasant fact


The Berlin prosecutor’s office has initiated a criminal investigation against the leader of the group “Rammstein,” Till Lindemann. He is suspected of sexually assaulting young girls who were invited to party with the artist after concerts.

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According to “Bild,” “Der Spiegel,” and other German media outlets.

Rammstein, testimonies.

The case against Till Lindemann is based on two testimonies – one received by the Berlin police, and the other filed directly with the prosecutor’s office.

The investigation is being conducted in accordance with Article 177 of the German Criminal Code, which deals with offenses against sexual self-determination and carries a maximum prison sentence of ten years. Specific details of the case have not been made public yet.

While “Rammstein” continues to perform, many fans have already decided to give up their purchased concert tickets.

Rammstein, immoral actions.

The story dates back to the beginning of June when more than ten women publicly spoke out about immoral actions committed by the “Rammstein” team.


Specifically, female fans were invited via social media to send their photos and videos to the concert organizers, and the chosen ones were invited to private parties with Lindemann himself.

Alcohol and drugs were offered at these parties. At least two women testified that Lindemann sexually assaulted them. Recently, the group performed in Lithuania, and similar “parties” reportedly took place there, according to neighboring media.

According to “Bild,” these peculiar parties were organized by Russian prisoner Alena Makeeva, who called herself the “casting director.” The collaboration between her and the band reportedly ended on June 6. Till Lindemann, who is 60 years old, has denied all the allegations that have surfaced so far.

Rammstein and a statement by his lawyer, it is stated:

“All these claims are false without exception. The accusations that my client drugged women to engage in sexual acts with them are false.”

On June 3, “Rammstein” posted a message on social media, stating that they take the allegations against their band leader very seriously and that they have deeply affected the whole group. They also pointed out that they have the right to “not be objective” in the context of these accusations.


The ongoing situation has also affected the attitude of loyal fans. While many rush to defend Lindemann and “Rammstein,” a significant number of fans have decided to boycott the artist’s concerts in the future.

Rammstein continues their European concert tour.

The media outlet “Deutsche Welle” observed that before the group’s concert in Munich at the beginning of June, fans hurried to sell their tickets, and activists staged a protest at the stadium, demanding the cancellation of “Rammstein’s” performance altogether.


Significantly, after the scandal, “Rammstein” slightly changed their concert stage design. While Lindemann previously used a foam-shooting phallic-shaped prop on stage, that no longer happens now.


Despite the accusations against the frontman, “Rammstein” continues their European concert tour.
The group has previously performed in Riga as well.

Riga as a place of strong fan support.



Rammstein, their performance manners and style.

Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness) band known for their unique and theatrical performances. They formed in Berlin in 1994 and have since gained a massive following around the world.

The band consists of six members: Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Z. Kruspe (lead guitar), Paul Landers (rhythm guitar), Oliver Riedel (bass guitar), Christoph Schneider (drums), and Christian “Flake” Lorenz (keyboard).

One of the key elements that sets Rammstein apart is their intense and provocative stage presence.

They incorporate a wide range of pyrotechnics, elaborate lighting effects, and theatrical elements into their live performances. Fire plays a significant role in their shows, with flamethrowers, fireworks, and other fiery props used frequently.

These elements create a visually stunning and high-energy atmosphere that complements their heavy industrial sound.

Rammstein, Till Lindemann.

The band’s lead vocalist, is known for his deep and powerful voice. He often employs a blend of melodic singing, aggressive shouts, and occasional spoken word sections in his performances.

Lindemann’s stage presence is commanding, and he is known for his intense and dramatic delivery, often engaging in provocative and theatrical acts on stage.

The band’s lyrics explore a wide range of themes, including love, sex, politics, society, and personal experiences. They frequently use dark, provocative, and sometimes controversial imagery in their songs. The lyrics are primarily in German, with occasional phrases or verses in English or other languages.

Rammstein, music.

Music is characterized by a heavy and driving sound, combining elements of industrial metal, hard rock, and electronica. They are known for their powerful and catchy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and synthesizer-driven melodies.

Their music often features a precise and tight rhythm section, which adds to their overall intensity. In terms of style, the band members are often seen wearing black leather outfits and other fetish-inspired clothing on stage.

Their visual aesthetic aligns with their provocative and edgy image, further enhancing their stage presence. Overall, Rammstein’s performance manners and style are characterized by a captivating mix of intense energy, theatricality, and provocative imagery.

Their live shows are a spectacle that combines powerful music, pyrotechnics, and dramatic performances, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

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