Russian tourists, beware, they are really rude

Russian tourists.

This is a drama for Russia. A German citizen who requested his money back after his vacation was “ruined” by Russians in Turkey added more fuel to the fire. Russian tourists – is a phrase that makes many shudder.

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Rightfully or not, but Russians earned a reputation of rude alcoholics who like to splurge but have no knowledge of basic etiquette.

Russian tourists funny but sad incident was made public the other day.

A German tourist came back from his vacation in Turkey and filed a claim in a court demanding a part of his money back. The tourist paid 889 Euros for all-inclusive vacation widely popular among Russians and was placed in a hotel filled with Russians by 80%.

These Russians caused the tourist much frustration. He said that they ruined his vacation by being “rude” and “unbearable.” The Dusseldorf judge was not convinced and declined the claim.

It is not so much about this particular unlucky German, but about the fact that for many the phrase “Russian tourists” sounds like something horrible and extremely indecent.

Everyone knows that certain travel agencies sell special packages for resorts with no Russians present. Not that many know that the buyers of these packages are mainly Russians.

Russian tourists, it turns out Russians are ashamed of themselves.

Of course, we can say that the bad fame of “always drunk Russians” is a gross exaggeration. Yet, from time to time Russians show themselves in not so favorable light.

A good example is a recent video published on-line showing a Russian female in Turkey or Egypt causing an ugly scandal over slow service.

While this nice looking lady was cursing a bartender, the crowd was happy to encourage her.

Last year an opinion poll was conducted among Europeans where the participants said the Russian tourists did a lot of harm to others.

Russians frustrate other tourists when they bring beach chairs to their rooms to guarantee they have them next day or pack food into their bags at buffets.

They behave extremely rude, speak loudly, and are generally unpleasant. Additionally, they flash their money trying to demonstrate to everyone how wealthy they are.

Russian tourists, drink, interestingly enough.

The last characteristic is appreciated in the Italy. Local hotel owners say that while Russians drink and damage everything, they pay for this damage in full. “When Russians are having fun they want everyone around to have fun.

Waiters get ridiculously large tips. Usually after too much food and alcohol Russians fight. Normally it is not only people who suffer but hotel assets as well. Furniture, TVs and glass get crashed.

Russian tourists

Next morning guests move to another room, pay for the damages and continue their vacation,” local hotel owners said.

Russian tourists and a soothing opinion.

It’s important to remember that behavior can vary widely among individuals. People’s actions while on vacation can be influenced by various factors, including cultural norms, personal experiences, and individual personalities.

What may be considered “loud” or “arrogant” behavior in one culture might be seen as normal or acceptable in another.

Cultural differences can indeed play a role in how people behave when traveling. Some cultures may have different norms regarding personal space, communication styles, or social interactions.

While some may choose to consume alcohol and exhibit rude behavior, it’s not representative of all Russian tourists. It’s essential to treat each person as an individual.
What might come across as arrogance to one person could simply be a difference in communication style from another perspective.

It’s important not to generalize or stereotype a whole group of people based on the behavior of a few individuals. When encountering tourists from any country, it’s best to approach them with an open mind and a willingness to understand and appreciate cultural differences.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone’s behavior is disruptive or disrespectful, it’s appropriate to address the specific behavior rather than making assumptions about their nationality.

Who wins the ugly tourist stakes?

Is it the Russians, the Israelis, the Americans? Us? Answer: none of the above. No single nationality stands out as the least loved tourists right around the globe because it depends who you’re talking to.

Russian tourists are not popular in Germany, but they’re welcome in Jordan, Kuwait and the US. Brits are not flavour of anyone’s month in most of continental Europe but anywhere else they’re inoffensive.

UK-based market research and data analytics firm YouGov has crunched the numbers to find out just what 26 nationalities think of the others on the list when they come calling, with some surprising results.

The one trend that seems to emerge is that a large number of tourists, and particularly when they come on the cheap, is not likely to engender warm and friendly thoughts.

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