Scared of UFO.


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Scared of UFO…

Not so long ago George Bush declared that American astronauts would fly to the Moon in 2018.

Russia in its turn is not going to lag behind and promises to start building a base on the Moon by 2020.

The Japanese are planning to begin the construction of their own lunar village by 2025 while the Chinese are constructing Kamado robots for lunar exploration.

In addition to all this moon rumors, the Russian space corporation Energia offers space voyages around the Moon with a stop for sightseeing for $100 million.

Looks like the moon will be crowded again. Programs of moon exploration were launched in the USA and in the USSR in the mid-sixties. In ten years the two countries put the flights to an end claiming that the programs do not have any practical value.

However, the exploration of Venus, Mars and other distant celestial bodies continued although with no financial profits. What is the reason for revival of the interest in the Moon exploration?

Scared of UFO

NASA went public with the results of its moon program in 1973 for the first time. It made a statement that all in all 25 astronauts came across UFO activities during their flights to the Moon.

The former head of the US lunar program, Wernher von Braun, said in one of his interviews several years later that certain extraterrestrial forces were even more powerful that humans could ever imagine.

The scientist said that someone or something was watching every US-led flight to the Moon.
According to one of the versions, which seems to be rather unreal, all lunar programs were shut down 30 years ago because of the fear to encounter extraterrestrial beings and their immense power.

Both the USSR and the USA realized that their presence on the Moon was not desirable at all. The Earth’s natural satellite is a perfect platform for aliens and their spaceships.

The Moon is not far from the Earth and it faces the planet with only one part, which means that aliens can rest safely on the other side of the Moon and they do not have to worry about telescopes.

Ufologists say that there is quite a number of alien bases on the dark side of the Moon. This year, for example, Japanese astronomers managed to videotape several dark objects, about 500-1,000 meters long, rushing across the lunar disk in zigzag directions.

In the meantime, mankind is eager to explore the Moon again for the sake of its raw materials. NASA geologists found out long ago that the Moon is rich with wolfram, titan, aluminium, magnesium and many other valuable metals, which are quite rare for Earth.

It addition, it has recently become known that the Moon is also rich with the unique isotope helium-3, the production of which is extremely expensive on Earth. This is the perfect raw material for the energy industry of the future, scientists say.

It will be possible to launch interstellar spaceships with the help of helium reactors.

Scared of UFO

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