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Google has upgraded its search engine with its search results with data updated in seconds of time in social networking websites like Twitter, according to news reports.
As social networking websites are gradually getting popular and are playing a significance role in the modern Web 2.0 technology world, Google certainly would not just sit aside and do nothing.

Underscoring the importance of these community websites, Google has begun to increase its competitiveness in Internet search business with agreements signed with Twitter, let alone its long-time competitor has already signed such agreements with Twitter and Facebook in October this year.

As part of its much-anticipated entrance into the field known as real-time search, Google said that over the next few Google Searchdays its users would begin seeing brand-new Tweets, blog items, news stories and social networking updates in the results for certain topical searches.

According to the New York Times, for example, a search for “Copenhagen” on Google, produces the standard web results, but with a box in the middle of the page where blog items and Tweets scroll past.

It updates every few seconds. A Tweet from a particular person, referencing the climate talks that began on Monday, read, “It’s snowing in North Beach. Explain that, Copenhagen.”

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