Solar Firework In 2012. September 22…This Scenario Is Reality.


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We could be in for a huge Solar firework display in 2012.

The Sun will be approaching the peak of its 11-year cycle, called “solar maximum”, so we can expect a lot of solar activity.

Some predictions put the solar maximum of Solar Cycle 24 even more energetic than the last solar maximum in 2002-2003.

According to one of the many Doomsday scenarios we have been presented with in the run-up to the Mayan Prophecy-fuelled “end of the world” in 2012, september 22 this scenario is actually based on some science.

So it looks like we are going to get roasted alive by our closest star on september 22 !

Can you imagine thousands of astronomers who observe the skies on a daily basis keeping the same secret from the public for several years?

What I`m really afraid off is maybe not the solar cycle so much, but a super CME scares me bad!

CME – stands for Coronal Mass Ejection and is a Natural Disaster of biblical proportions. A CME is a mega burst from the surface of the sun of highly charged energy particles of plasma and electromagnetic radiation.

Also known as a geomagnetic solar storm, it can fly through space at an incredible speed of miles per second.

When this energy burst hits the earth’s magnetosphere, it compresses it to the point where it releases energy in the Terra-watt range into the upper atmosphere, resulting in burning out all electronics.

Solar Firework

Due to an ultimate worst case scenario, the world wide power grid would be down not for years but decades, putting the entire world back into the dark ages.

Just imagine for a moment what life would really be like right now with no electricity?

No ATM’s, no Cell Phones, no Computers, no Gas pumps, no Microwave Ovens, no Radio’s, no Refrigeration, no Running Water, no Texting, no TV’s and no Vehicles moving on the streets.

What will happen within the first few months?

What will happen within the first year after solar maximum?




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