Blonde women with fair hair, blonde, this is very aggressive

Blonde, this is very aggressive creatures.

American researches were curious whether hair color affected women’s nature. There were mostly interested in blondes, who received most of attention.

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The researchers were surprised to find out that women with fair hair were not soft-spoken princesses, but rather, very aggressive creatures. They blame men who pay them a great deal of attention.

“We expected blondes to feel more entitled than other young women,” said Aaron Sell, who led the study. “What we did not expect to find was how much more warlike they are,” he added.

Why does it work this way?

If a blonde is used to excessive attention from men, she should probably enjoy her privileges quietly. Yet, the excess attention makes blondes more self-confident because they are used to having their own way. If something goes wrong, they become aggressive.

BlondeLess ambitious brunettes and redheads are significantly calmer when they fail.

Interestingly enough, the level of aggression is the same with natural blonds and those who dye their hair blonde as they quickly take on these attributes.

Sell suspects that blondes exist in a “bubble” and do not realize that men, in particular, are more deferential towards them than other women. “They may not even realize they are treated like a princess,” he said.

The researchers also found that the more “special” people feel, judged by physical strength for men and looks for women, the more ambitious they are in reaching their social goals including career, wealth, etc.

As for brunettes, they tend to work harder and expect less special treatment. They hold executive titles more often than blondes, which may indicate that blondes are less adapted to work.

Those ladies who have been on the both sides have differing opinions on the perks of being blonde.

“I become more battling when I’m blonde,” said Vanessa Feltz, the broadcaster, who admits to dying her hair. “You’re noticed more.”

Ann Widdecombe, a British Conservative Party politician, said that when she went blond people started speaking to her slowly. According to a research conducted by Peter Ayton, Professor of Psychology at a London University, many gentlemen prefer brunettes.

He believes that these findings indicate that today’s men are looking for an equal partner, while before they tried to act as “protectors” of fragile, helpless (read – blond) women.

This means that they thought blonds to have a lower level of intellect since it is not easy to “protect” an equal partner.

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2 thoughts on “Blonde women with fair hair, blonde, this is very aggressive

  • at

    I’m afraid you, and thousands of others for that matter, have been badly misinformed. I have never done any research that shows blondes are more aggressive, entitled, angry or “warlike” than brunette or redheads. This error was the result of a piece in the London Sunday Times.

    Aaron Sell, PhD
    Center for Evolutionary Psychology
    University of California, Santa Barbara

  • at

    I am Sorry…
    My blonde feel to get angry more quickly.
    She live to feel more attractive than others womens.
    That she good live… I am to feel every day !

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