Christening, old beautiful pics.

History,  old beautiful pics!

The baptism of the baby– kristīšana; kristības-krikštas, krikštijimas-křest-dåb-doop-ristsed-kaste-baptême-die Taufe-βάπτιση, βάφτισμα-keresztelő-skírn-battesimo-dåp-chrzest-baptismo-botez-крещение-krst-bautismo-dop, döpelse-vaftiz (ayini, *töreni)….

The sacrament of Christening is much more than a private ceremony for your baby and for you, your family and friends. Christening is a sacrament of Christ and of his Church.

Christening is very much a family affair: a special day both for your family and for the family of the Church.
Christening is the introduction of a person into the Church community. Through the water of Christening the person enters into the life of God – Father, Son and Spirit.

Emils, Pauls and Alise is dedicated to God and all that is good in Latvian Church of city Liepaja

The role of the godparent for christening is rooted in the role of the sponsor in the catechumenate . The role of the sponsor then was to attest to the integrity of the person, seeking admission into the Church as well as to assist him during the catechumenate in preparing for these sacraments and in living a Christian life… AND this is part of our daily lives.
Are you willing to help the parents of this child in their duty as Christian parents? They stand with the parents and proclaim their faith on behalf of the child.

In receiving christening your child becomes a member of the Church. Therefore, the presence of the believing community represents the action of christening.

The gathered community is a sign of the Church who welcomes your child. In fact, the celebrant says to your child, calling him or her by name, ‘The Christian community welcomes you with great joy. In its name I claim you for Christ our saviour by the sign of his cross.’

beautiful pics


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MY NAME IS PAUL  21.october 2008.


Paul 11.13.2008.


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