If you toss a coin over your shoulder into the fountain


Legend surrounding the fountain is that if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the fountain you are destined to return to Rome.

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The Trevi Fountain was built by architect, Nicola Salvi, in 1732 and completed by Guiseppe Panini in 1762  and was decorated by artists from the Bernini School.

The fountain’s water was supplied by one of Rome’s first aquaducts.

If you throw two coins you are assured the love of a desired partner and if you throw three coins you will marry your desired partner.

For years the locals would steal the coins from the fountain at night but the coins are now collected and are donated to charities such as the Red Cross.

The municipality of Rome cleans the famous Trevi Fountain from time to time, the workers shovel out coins thrown by tourists “for luck.”

The procedure is done under the supervision of carabineers, carrying out strict account of the coins. According to the special decree each coin touched the bottom of the fountain becomes community property.

Belief that the tourist who donated the coin to Neptune, would return to the Eternal City, Rome, makes a good profit to the city.

Annually cleaners take out hundreds of thousands of euros from the fountain!

The raised funds were sent to the charity before. But this time, the power of Rome have decided to spend it on needs of the city – the crisis.

coins thrown 2

coins thrown 1

coins thrown

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