This fish is the pride of the owners of elite aquarium.


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The most expensive aquarium fish in the world, perhaps, is – a rare platinum Arawana.

It is 40 centimeters graceful creation belongs to the Singapore breeder Aro Dynasty.

But why this fish has such an incredible price?

All because of its flawless body color fish without a single blemish Namely, the rarest of colors makes platinum satisfy participants the most expensive in the world of aquarium fish.

His unique coloring platinum Arawana acquired as a result of natural mutations. This kind of South American Arawana called Osteoglossum. She is the pride of the owners of elite aquariums.

So prized only representatives of this species, other species Aravan, usually cost much less. All expensive aquarium fish, one way or another, are exclusive.

platinum Arawana3

platinum Arawana

Most of the uniqueness has to pay a lot of money, and, despite this, many people prefer to buy expensive exclusive copies of only certain dealers. It sometimes happens that a particular mutation makes them the rarest of rare.

In this case the price is just above the clouds. It is a unique mutation made platinum satisfy participants most expensive aquarium fish in the world. She has a perfect monochromatic white color, even in the back, which is not typical for Aravan.

Several years ago, the British importers, this fish was offered at 200 000, but this megatsena was rejected by them.

Rare species of platinum Arawana extraordinarily beautiful and graceful.


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