This ‘icloud’ free online computer for everyone.


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The world’s first absolutely free online computer was launched on April 23, 2009.

Swedish company Xcerion announced the launch of the unique system icloud in New York.

Cloud technologies represent an Internet service that provide software to clients having no personal computers and those who can not access their computers at a certain moment.

Similar services are already available from other world-known systems, although they only provided small basic packages free of charge.

The now available version of icloud provides 3 GB of memory free of charge to keep one’s documents, photographs and music online.

One can access their documents from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

The free package also includes 30 free programs with office applications, email, music, video, instant messaging, games, 20 free widgets and other opportunities.

Icloud does not need to be downloaded: it operates through Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. One only needs to register a profile to become the owner of a virtual computer.


icloud, the world’s first free online computer, launches worldwide today, taking Cloud Computing to the next level

icloud, the online service that gives you the freedom of your friends, files and digital life on any computer.

After 8 years of development icloud is today officially launched worldwide as the online PC for everyone without a PC

Xcerion today announce the launch of icloud, the world’s first free online computer, giving everybody in the world their own online computer packed with free storage, applications, virtual desktop and backup accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

Starting today the icloud service is available in English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish and Filipino languages.

The public launch of icloud builds on a closed beta testing program and the incorporation of user feedback from iclouder’s worldwide.

icloud is proud to announce free icloud accounts for everyone at

Daniel Arthursson, the founder of icloud say, “With icloud, we put a virtual computer together with free storage and free applications in the hands of everybody in the world, it’s the PC for everyone without a PC.

Everybody can now access and share documents, photos, music and their complete digital life from any computer”.

The public version includes:

  • Access to your friends, files and digital life on any computer
  • 3 GB free storage space to safely store documents, photos and music online
  • 30 free applications such as Office, Mail, Music, Video, IM, Sharing, Games, Collaboration and Development tools
  • 20 free widgets
  • Free backup to provide secure storage, including WedDav
  • Zero installation, icloud runs in your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser


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