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The first-ever cloned camel has been born in Dubai, the Gulf News newspaper reported on Tuesday.
The female camel calf, Injaz (Achievement), was born at the Camel Reproduction Center on April 8 weighing in at 30 kilograms (66 lbs).
“We are all very excited at the birth of Injaz as she is the result of great skill and teamwork of everyone at the Camel Reproduction Center,” Gulf News quoted the center’s scientific director, Dr. Lulu Skidmore, as saying.
“This significant breakthrough in our research program at the CRC gives a means of preserving the valuable genetics of our elite racing and milk producing camels in the future,” the scientist said.
The embryo was cultured for 7 days in a laboratory before being implanted into the uterus of a surrogate camel. Pregnancy was diagnosed 20 days later using ultrasound and monitored for the following 12 months.
“Injaz, who is 30 kilos, seems to be happy and is doing all the right things so far,” Dr. Skidmore said.
The Camel Reproduction Center was established 20 years ago in 1989 with the support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE president and ruler of Dubai.



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