This project – DIRTY WATER.


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This project is set up by UNICEF and is called “Tap Project”.

With 0$ budget, we had to create mass media exposure alarming New Yorkers about the thousands of children dying daily from a lack of clean water, and the urgency to help with donations to UNICEF.


We bottled dirty water in 8 lethal varieties, made a vending machine for it, and launched it in Manhattan for 1$.

“DIRTY WATER from developing countries” was designed to shock the public while inviting them to donate into the machine, via text message, or online.
This innovative, low cost outdoor-media/space engaged over 7.500 pedestrians, attracted worldwide media coverage, and increased the number of donation beyond all expectations/ the wide media exposure continues generating online and text message donations to UNICEF.


How clean water is important to us and we should conserve it for more future use.

Here a vending machine was set up in Manhattan and people got the choices between bottles that “contained” Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid or Dengue.

And the bottled water was really very dirty.

All this to raise awareness of water conservation and to remind that not every one in the world has this possibility to drink clean and clear water. Here People donated money but didn’t drank the water…


Video HERE

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