Groups of hackers to seven years in jail.


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Groups of hackers…

Russia’s Justice Ministry has posted for public discussion a draft law which will increase state control over the Internet.

Rossiiskaya Gazeta wrote that according to the proposed bill, all providers of the Russian Internet will be forced to provide information on their users.

The new law will impose maximum sentences for hackers to state websites and zonagive the government the right to block the Internet during investigations or emergency situations.

Tampering with restricted Interior Ministry or tax service databases will be subject to up to three years in jail, and up to seven years for groups of hackers, who try and break into state websites.

In addition to an end to anonymity among website owners, access to emergency situation websites or sensitive sites will be particularly protected.

Another initiative will be questionably received by the public. Special services and law enforcement bodies will have the option to restrict the rights of Internet users during search and investigations.

Simply put, when required, certain people will not have access to the Web.

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