Tooth Jewelry…What is a dental jewel.

What is a Tooth Jewelry …

Dental jewel is a special decoration, for example diamond or another stone, which can be attached to your teeth without consequences.

Are you a suitable candidate for application of a dental jewel?

If you desire to endow your smile with a jewel and the teeth to which the jewel should be attached are healthy, you can be a suitable candidate for this treatment.

It is necessary to consider your expectations and realize that the dental jewel will be a new, significant part of your look. Be prepared that people can stare at you, most of them will appreciate the beauty of your decorated smile, but some of them can consider it too extravagant.

Before the application of dental jewel

Tooth Jewelry

During the consultation with your beautician , you will choose the jewel and the tooth, to which the jewel should be attached.

The application procedure

Tooth JewelryTthe jewel is stuck on the tooth with an adhesive substance, similar to the substance used to fix the retainer. This process does not damage the enamel, which is a big advantage.

After the application

You will probably need few hours to get used to the small jewel in the mouth.

The beautician provides you with all instructions concerning the care of dental jewels. Most important is perfect mouth hygiene.

Is it possible to remove the jewel?

The dental jewel is attached to the tooth with a substance, which does not damage the enamel, it is therefore possible to remove it or change it without consequences.

How long does the dental jewel last?

The dental jewel can last a relatively long time, it is however limited by the stress put on the decorated tooth and dental care. If the jewel gets loose unexpectedly, it is possible to reattach it without consequences.

Tooth Jewelry

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Terms and Conditions

*      it’s temporary

*     it’s painless

*    it’s fun

*      No drilling or holes

*   Does not harm the tooth

That will make you shine like a star…
To really be glamorous, tantalize your teeth with tooth jewelry!

I use Swarovski crystals, real 22k white gold (needs to be ordered) and 24k yellow gold jewels (needs to be ordered), designed specifically for dental use.

Unlike earlier methods which involved drilling and setting the jewel into the tooth, a little bit of dental composite material will attach the crystal onto the teeth and can last from month up to a year or longer.

My warranty is 1 month , if it’s fall off i will put one for FREE!


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