Tribes of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia. (photo)


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Photographer Marcos Lira visited the remote tribes of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

Their remoteness and inaccessibility has enabled the tribes to resist outside influence.

Ethiopia is building a series of hydroelectric dams along the river Omo to develop the country.

People in the capital, Addis Ababa, say that the people of the Omo Valley are “uncivilized” and their lack of skills makes it difficult to assimilate them into modern society.

However, these tribes have unique rituals that will be lost forever through the effort to develop the land.

Women are going to the market.


A boy from Surma tribe


Surma woman with lip plate and baby


A woman drinking water
As an adult boy’s head is shaved. It is concidered beautiful; for both sexes
Before her marriage, she must under pain of death remain chaste.
Girls from this tribe are very beautiful.
Old Surma with pipe.
Only teenagers work in the tribe.
Surma woman with baby and water pot on the head.




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