Twitter and Musk, the mischief will begin with “Threads”

Twitter and Musk.

Facebook’s owner, Meta, to launch a new app called “Threads”, which is planned as a direct competitor to micro blogging site Twitter. Initially, the app is expected to be linked to Instagram, another social network owned by Meta.

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Threads” is a place where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you’re interested in today to what’s hot tomorrow,” reads the app’s description on the store.

Twitter and Musk, but that’s not all, read on and you’ll find out.

Twitter users will soon need to be verified in order to use the online dashboard “TweetDeck”, the company announced on Monday.
The popular and previously free tool allows users to organize the accounts they follow into different columns to easily monitor content. It has been popular with businesses and news organizations.

The new policy will take effect in 30 days, the company said in a tweet, and could bring a revenue boost to Twitter, which has struggled to retain advertisers under Elon Musk’s ownership.

Twitter and Musk’s, money.

The decision comes amid a number of drastic changes ordered by Musk, including requiring users to be logged on to the website to view tweets and limiting the number of tweets that can be viewed each day to 1,000 for unverified accounts.

How Twitter’s new drastic changes will affect what users can view on the site?

Musk said the limited tweet policy was a “temporary emergency measure” made to discourage “extreme levels” of data scraping and “system manipulation” he claimed were affecting user experience.

The executive had previously expressed frustration at artificial intelligence companies scraping data from social media platforms, including Twitter, to train their systems.

Twitter has also begun charging users to access its application programming interface (API), used by third-party apps and researchers. The company, which has largely dissolved its public relations department, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The “TweetDeck” change could be an attempt to push more users to the Twitter Blue program, through which users can pay for verification.

The subscription service costs $11 per month in the US (on iOS or Android), £11 in the UK and $19 in Australia, and includes the blue checkmark, a demarcation previously free to politicians, journalists and other notable public figures.

Twitter and Musk, but big trouble is yet to come.

Elon Musk recently challenged Mark Zuckerberg to a physical cage fight – but the real battle between the two billionaires will begin on when Zuckerberg launches “Threads”, his company’s Twitter competitor.

Twitter and Musk

Zuckerberg’s Meta believes there is a gap in the market for a Twitter-style social network for short posts that is technically stable and isn’t subject to the whims of Musk.

Who despite being one of the world’s richest men spends a considerable amount of time engaged in disputes on social media.

Threads is expected to have a similar feel to Twitter but is branded as “Instagram’s text-based conversation app”, with preview screenshots suggesting users will be able to use their existing Instagram login details, easing the sign-up process.

Twitter claims to have enlisted about 250 million global users, substantially fewer than the billions who use Facebook and Instagram, but has long punched above its weight in terms of global influence on the news agenda.

Twitter and Musk, takeover.

The Tesla chief executive spent much of 2022 trying to back out of his $44bn (£34.5bn) bid to buy the social network, eventually completing his debt-laden purchase of the social network last October.

Since then he has fired the vast majority of Twitter’s staff, unwound policies designed to stop hate speech, and watched as mainstream advertisers flee the platform.

Problem for a company that still derives most of its money from advertising.

He has also shifted to a business model where users have to pay for verified status, meaning users who refuse to cough up are less likely to find an audience for their tweets.

He enabling people intent on self-promotion to essentially buy a prominent position on the site, regardless of the quality of the posts.

Over the weekend the already-unstable Twitter started to fall apart at the seams, with the site becoming inaccessible for many users.

Musk said he had chosen to limit the number of posts that non-paying users could view to 600 a day in an attempt to stop unauthorized third-party access of his site.

Twitter and Musk, finishing.

An alternative explanation is that Twitter simply was forced to take emergency steps as its servers struggle to cope with demand.

Whatever the real reason, it essentially made the site unusable for most of the heavy users who produce the vast majority of the site’s content.

Attempts to seek an explanation on any of these policy moves are impossible, since Musk has fired all of Twitter’s communications staff. Journalists who ask the company to explain its actions now receive an automatic reply featuring a poo emoji.

Twitter and Musk

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