What is so unique about the Swiss


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The answer is there is nothing particularly different about the nation or its people.

They like to work hard, play hard and provide a good life for their families. So do the citizens of most other nations when given the opportunity.

The European Union and the United States should consider the successful freedom model of Swiss confederation government rather than the failed top down examples of other nations and empires.

Few would question that Switzerland is the most secure, stable, and freedom-oriented nation in the world. They prefer peace and diplomacy to war and aggression but will fight to defend their independence and liberties.

They prefer a stable currency, low taxes, financial privacy, economic prosperity and a government that represents and defends the people.

Again, these are not unusual wants but few nations and governments provide an opportunity for these basic human needs and rights to flourish. So why is Switzerland different?

Here are some examples of why the Swiss government model works and the European Union and American Union have failed to deliver on their big-government utopian promises. National Expansion By Voluntary Association vs Force – The term “Willensnation” is a Swiss concept of national growth and expansion by attraction through the voluntary association of neighboring principalities, cities, and individuals.

This makes Switzerland a nation created by acts of free will rather than force. Growth by attraction of those willing to be part of the Helvetian Confederation rather than war and invasion have served the Swiss well over the last few hundred years of peace and prosperity.

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