Winnie Pooh is funny, russian variant of Inglish


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We all know many things about Winnie Pooh.

Pooh is described as being stuffed with fluff, as well as being “a bear of very little brain.” He is generally kind and friendly towards everyone he also is very childlike and likable.

He can be very courageous in tough times, and is consulted when trouble occurs. Pooh is also known for his love of honey (or “hunny” as he spells it).

He keeps a supply of pots at his home, but they are often empty due to his appetite. When he runs out, he often travels to Rabbit’s home to borrow some.

Loyal to his friends and often entitled to “leader of the group”. Pooh has a knack for being very optimistic during times of despair. Out of all the animals, Pooh is the one who is the closest to Christopher Robin.

So today we are going to meet another Pooh bear, actually his name is Vinni Puh and also called Vinni Pukh.

Vinni Puh is the Russian name for Winnie the Pooh and here’s a little history about He has very distinct appearance about him, one that’s completely different from the English version.

Vinni Puh is brown, as supposed to the yellow-red appearance given by Milne and Disney.

However, many people find Vinni Puh as cute and adorable as they find Winnie the Pooh.

Some 40 years after the last Vinni Puh cartoon was released, parents still remember the stories from the cartoon and recite them to their own children.
The speaking Winnie Pooh is funny … 🙂 ( russian variant)



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