Winter Olympics Sochi, problems and jokes.


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The Winter Olympics Sochi, problems and jokes.

You’ve probably heard all about the “readiness problems” facing Sochi.

Hundreds of media members and athletes have posted images to social media and the pictures are often amusing, if not disconcerting.

Hotels are not fully operational – and in some cases, not even structurally sound. The Olympic zone still looks like a construction area.

Athletes’ luggage has been lost.

There are, of course, flaws and problems. But what makes the Sochi Olympics “the worst” so far is…accommodation for the global media elite.

See it…

Olympics Sochi
Olympics Sochi
Water sochi
Water Sochi 2014

Intrepid Olympic reporters, we thought, would get behind the scenes, unravel the PR.

Not this time.

Of global importance were rooms (if they were available), toilets, floors, and shower curtains. Oh – and a request to not flush toilet paper (it’s rarely done in public toilets) had the press pack throwing up.

Sochi Toilet Paper rules

The Washington Post’s Kathy Lally was downright disappointed with “a tiny, tiny sink” in her hotel room.

“The little sink sits atop an exposed white plastic pipe, stuck to the wall and surrounded by an unruly gob of caulk,” she observed. “The single room has two lamps — which don’t have light bulbs, but that’s okay because they aren’t near any unused outlets.”

But that’s not the worst that may happen to visiting journos in Sochi. Some reported missing shower curtains, lamps, and chairs, and a lack of heat or hot water (which was said to have been fixed).

For days, news outlets and social media discussed “hotel horror stories,” regurgitating the same tweets and the same faux horror at the same time.

His picture of two full, sit-down toilets installed side by side, with no partition between them went viral and is now a “must have” for every Sochi hit piece.

double-toiletAnother prohibited use?


The idea of leaning over the side of the toilet is strictly prohibited. That’s right a person isn’t allowed to heave their guts out in Russia by clinging to the side of the throne.


The funny image actually has a red mark across the image to let users know it is unacceptable. Where to puking people go in Russia?

The sign doesn’t offer any alternatives, but it is safe to assume people just use a trash can.

Officials in Russia, and observers around the world, have accused organizers in Sochi of widespread corruption and mismanagement of Olympics funds.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation, an opposition group founded by activist and politician Alexei Navalny, has gone so far as to publish an interactive map on all the alleged embezzlement, a screenshot of which is above.


Sleep, O Yes Medvedev
Sleep, O Yes Medvedev! Sochi 2014


100 Russian ruble banknote
100 Russian ruble banknote issued in 2013 by the Central Bank of Russia to commemorate the Games


Russia chose a politician and former Olympian who publicly made a racist joke about Obama and the first lady to light the torch for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Irina Rodnina, who lit the torch, tweeted a picture in the fall that appeared to show the first couple staring longingly at a banana while attending a basketball game.

The tweet was sent without comment, and deleted after American officials grew angry. Still, she refused to apologize for the incident.



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