Life is a funny thing in crisis.


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Life and crisis.

Some people would still be happy even if the world came crashing down.

For others, a minor setback would spark off a downward spiral of deeper sadness.

New circumstances are thrown at us day in and day out. We can either make the best of it or make it worst.

It is up to us. Lately, we hear lots of stuff over the news:

We are in the worst economic environment in decades Everyone is losing jobs. Look at that employment number at 7.5%! All banks are failing, what should we do?

Putting it into context, this means that less than 2 people were laid off for every 200 people we know on average.
Is it really Armageddon? Hardly…

The financial crisis definitely poses concerns, but personally, not to a point of panic. I think that it has effects on everyone in different ways at varying levels, depending on their circumstances.

Lending or credit would have major impact on small business owners, or homeowners needing loans, and non-homeowners who hope to have a home.

It is also likely that investors may freeze or withdraw plans for future investments. In my personal circumstance, these are not a big worry at this time.

I feel that having a decent-paying job makes me worry less about the financial crisis. I don’t feel I have that much to lose in the bigger scheme of this financial crisis, as long I secure my personal finances, home mortgage, family spending, with a job stable enough to last the crisis.

We did plan for some investments early this year, and had to pass-up. I think that the crisis make me put more effort to ensure I keep this job and also shy away from investments, whether small or big, that would be risky to pursue at this time.

Life is a funny thing.

You are flying high at the top of your game, doing everything you are supposed to be doing, owning what you should be owning, driving what you are supposed to be driving and belonging to the clubs you are supposed to be belonging to.

This according to the unwritten rules of the life you have chosen. Your days are structured knowing where you will be, what you will be doing, what you will be making and who you are supposed to be.

Then boom, out of nowhere, through no fault of your own, your job, your company, your bank account and your lifestyle changes. Hopefully only for the near term. But who really knows. Over the course of a weekend firms are crushed or taken over by other firms.

Lives are changed in a flash….



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