World events 15 in a concentrated form, understandable

World events 15.

The United Nations described Israel’s order for the evacuation of 1.1 million people living in northern Gaza within the next 24 hours as “impossible” and appealed for a reversal ahead of what increasingly looks like an imminent ground invasion.

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Iran warned that a new front could be opened if Israel’s blockade of Gaza and “war crimes” there continue.

The Israel-Hamas war has the potential to disrupt the world economy and even tip it into recession if more countries are drawn in. Bloomberg Economics examined the likely impact on global growth and inflation under three scenarios — ranging from a conflict limited to Gaza to a direct confrontation between Israel and Iran.
World events 15

World events 15, US House.

Republican divisions in the US House prompted Steve Scalise to abandon his campaign to become the speaker, prolonging the chamber’s inability to address an approaching fiscal deadline and respond to the Israel-Hamas war.

Republicans, riven by disputes over issues like immigration, Ukraine assistance and a potential government shutdown, plan to meet again today to discuss their next steps.

North Korea.

North Korea said it’s ready to use its most powerful weapons in a strike after the US Navy’s Ronald Reagan aircraft group started a five-day port call in South Korea this week.

It’s the first visit of its kind in about a year, and the last time it happened Pyongyang responded by test-firing volleys of ballistic missiles.

World events 15, Australia.

Australian voters are poised to reject a proposal tomorrow to establish an Indigenous advisory body to Parliament at a national referendum, showing the challenge the country faces in reconciling with its First Peoples.

It also drains some of the political capital Prime Minister Anthony Albanese built up after he returned the Labor party to power in May 2022 following nine years in opposition.


Poland’s general election on Sunday will determine the fate of its eight-year populist drift away from the European Union mainstream.


Serbia is ready to return to EU-brokered negotiations with Kosovo and is urging the Serb minority in the Balkan neighbor to take part in local elections to help defuse tensions after a recent gun battle.

New Zealanders are voting with concerns about the soaring cost of living dominating the campaign and polls showing the main opposition National Party likely the best placed to form a center-right government.

World events 15, global food inflation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine upended supply chains as the world found out the country was one of its biggest exporters of everything from grain to sunflower oil. That stoked spiraling global food inflation, adding to strains in countries across Africa particularly.

Call it the politics of the dinner table, which is now also playing out in a series of key elections around the world.

In New Zealand, which goes to the polls tomorrow, farmers have protested against plans to tax greenhouse gas emissions from cows, prompting the government to delay the policy.

Poland votes the next day amid a feud with Ukraine. The nationalist Law and Justice party is seeking a third straight term and has tried to shore up its core agricultural vote by extending a ban on grain imports from the country’s war-torn neighbor.

The cost of farming is also playing out in campaigns in Argentina and the Netherlands, both due to hold elections in coming weeks.

Yet it’s Egypt that suddenly looks more vulnerable. The country is one of the world’s biggest wheat importers, a dependence that’s keeping inflation high during its worst economic crisis in years. That’s a challenge for President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi as he seeks another term in December.

All world leaders know food security is fundamental to their political survival. Amid growing global upheaval, though, many are finding it much harder to guarantee.

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