World events 23 in a concentrated form, understandable

World events 23.

President Joe Biden turns 81, a celebration that will underscore how age has become his greatest liability as he pursues a reelection campaign that will involve a likely rematch with his predecessor, Trump.

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While the White House insists that Biden remains healthy enough to serve as commander in chief, recent polls show him trailing Trump in key swing states, with voters citing deep concerns about his health and acuity.

A Bloomberg News/Morning Consult survey this month found voters in seven swing states are more likely to associate old age with Biden than any other topic.

In an open-ended question asking what they had heard about the candidates lately, hundreds of respondents cited Biden’s age. Fewer than a dozen did the same for Trump, who is 77.

Biden himself has taken to handling the topic of his age with a light touch. He makes regular quips suggesting he’s been in Washington since the days of the Founding Fathers.

World events 23

One person to watch:
Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, who has been rising in the polls of the Republican presidential race, holds town halls in New Hampshire.

World events 23, Japanese chartered ship.

The seizure of a Japanese-chartered vessel in the Red Sea by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen is raising fears that the Israel-Hamas war could lead to shipping disruptions in the region.

A Houthi spokesperson said yesterday the group will continue to target Israeli ships until the military operation in Gaza ends, while Tehran denied any role in the attack. European natural gas prices jumped.


Israeli forces engaged in heavy fighting with Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip overnight as the US said it was optimistic about a deal to free hostages held by the militant group.

Top foreign policy officials from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority are visiting Beijing today and tomorrow for talks on deescalating the conflict.

World events 23, Lloyd Austin.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Kyiv today pledging support for Ukraine’s battle against Russia “now and into the future.”
With fighting continuing to rage along the front line, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy dismissed the head of the military’s medical support service and called for a “fundamentally new” level of care for wounded troops.

World events 23, Korea.

South Korea warned Pyongyang to halt a rocket launch it sees violating United Nations Security Council resolutions. Officials in Seoul believe the launch could help North Korea refine its target lists as it rolls out new missiles designed to deliver nuclear strikes in South Korea and Japan, which host the bulk of the US’s military personnel in the region.

World War.

Plans to cut Britain’s tax burden from a post-World War II high are set to be laid out by UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt in Wednesday’s Autumn Statement, a pivotal time for the struggling Conservatives before a general election expected next year.
Hunt said yesterday he wants to “show there is a path to a lower-tax economy” while also safeguarding progress in reducing inflation.

Taiwan’s presidential frontrunner named the island’s former envoy to the US as his running mate, a sign he aims to bolster ties with Washington if elected.

World events 23, Elon Musk.

Elon Musk railed against “bogus” media reports accusing him of antisemitism, issuing his strongest response yet after endorsing antisemitic content in a post on X that provoked outrage and alienated advertisers like Apple.

Rosalynn Carter.

Rosalynn Carter, who broke new ground as an activist US first lady by attending her husband Jimmy Carter’s cabinet meetings and leading a presidential effort to improve care for the mentally ill, died peacefully at her home in Plains, Georgia, at the age of 96.

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