World events 4 in a concentrated form, understandable

World events 4.

Global reads. Iran is expected to release as many as five Americans detained in the Islamic Republic for years under an agreement that’s seen as a precursor to reviving talks on the country’s nuclear program.

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The detainees are set to be handed over to US officials today as part of a cash-for-prisoners deal that sees the US allow Iran to access $6 billion in frozen funds.​

World events 4, Ukraine.

Ukraine plans to file a World Trade Organization complaint today against Poland, Hungary and Slovakia over bans on imports of its grain, and said it may retaliate with its own prohibitions.

The three countries defied a European Union decision to lift a ban on Ukrainian crop imports after the bloc said market distortions that triggered the measure had disappeared.

Their farmers complained a supply glut was lowering local prices.

World events 4

Walkout led.

The walkout led by United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain at three General Motors, Ford Motor and Stellantis factories is no ordinary labor-versus-industry clash.

Decades of discontent have fueled calls for a dramatic reset of wage scales and working conditions — 40% pay increases over the next four years and a 32-hour work week — unheard of in American manufacturing.

It’s also perilous for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

World events 4, US government shutdown.

The risk of a US government shutdown on Oct. 1 remains high. Demands for an 8% temporary spending cut for domestic agencies and a resumption of border-wall construction that Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced have little chance of being accepted by the Democratic-controlled Senate.

His proposal also doesn’t contain emergency Ukraine war funds or disaster relief for victims of Maui wildfires and a Florida hurricane.

France and Germany.

A clash between France and Germany over the role of nuclear power in the EU as it seeks to go carbon neutral is ultimately about where the continent’s industrial heart is located.

As both governments face rising public pressure over prices, Paris is seeking a revamp of EU power-market rules to help prolong its aging reactors, while Berlin is blocking the initiative as it tries to rebuild its own energy system.


China flew a record number of warplanes around Taiwan in an apparent show of displeasure over visits by a pair of American officials.

North Korea.

Kim Jong Un is returning from Russia with pledges to help with his space program that could finally allow North Korea to reach its long-held goal of placing multiple satellites in orbit.


The Republic of Congo’s government denied speculation on social media that there had been a coup in the central African nation, with a spokesman calling it “fanciful information.”

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